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How Welfare / TANF Helps Real People

The Story of Yolanda Kelley
Yolanda Kelley was struggling to raise two girls on her own. At her county's Work Pays program, it became apparent to a case manager that dependable transportation was needed for Yolanda. TANF support services aided in the vehicle purchase, taxes and tags. Vouchers allotted for daycare allowed her the ability to have a work schedule that was stable. Yolanda now works full-time for a cellular phone company, earning a consistent income and health insurance, as well as a 401K. She is deservedly proud of what she has achieved and the TANF program is equally proud of Yolanda's success.

This is just one of the many incredible and uplifting stories that TANF has brought into a recipient's life.

Hugo's TANF Story
Hugo Wellington lost the factory job he'd held for 3 years due to cutbacks. A year later, despite honest efforts and desire, Mr. Wellington remained without employment and his wife's paychecks from working two jobs was barely enough to put food on the table for themselves and their four children. TANF recognized that Hugo had an attractive skill set and helped him with some retraining courses, while at the time, cash assistance benefits allowed for the Wellington family to continue to make ends meet. With the additional courses, Hugo found a job and is no longer receiving TANF benefits. He is a proud example of the kind of hard times that fall on us all and, with hard work, effort, makes the situation only temporary.

The Johnson's Story
Our last story comes from Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The Johnson's needed help and TANF once again provided it. At risk of being evicted from their home, the Johnson's were on their last legs. TANF saved the day as well as their local Baptist church. With prayer, and assistance from TANF, the Johnson's kept their home and continue to visit their church every Sunday.

These are just a few of the many stories about the help TANF provides to real people. If you require assistance, don't wait. Learn the requirements, see if you're eligible and apply if you require help.