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Resource & Assistance Information For Individuals & Families

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  • Resources For American Families
  • Financial Assistance Information
  • Credit Cards & Bank Accounts
  • Education & Cash Grant Info
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  • Benefit Programs in Virginia

    Times are tough everywhere. If you and your loved ones are in need, learning more about government assistance programs may be worth the effort. To assist our members, we have developed a library of useful guides about a wide range of family resource related subjects.

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  • Grant Assistance Information

    Making ends meet can be difficult. Fortunately, low-income families have potential options when experiencing hardship. Grant & assistance programs support a variety of common help needs like housing, education, community programs and more. Learn more here.

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  • Financial Assistance Programs

    In this section, we focus on help programs and strategies for dealing with some of the most common financially problematic situations. Learn more about the pros and cons of various loans, credit score improvement, ways to make money online and much more.

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  • Section 8 & Housing Assistance Info

    If you and your family are struggling with rent, or having a hard time finding a safe, clean place to live, it may be worth investigating the Housing Choice Voucher program (formally Section 8). Learn more about the requirements, the application process and best practices here.

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  • Charitable Help Resources

    Discover programs and organizations that provide for individuals and families in need. Search our database of potential connections and locate what's available in your area. Find volunteer options too!

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  • Resources For Medical Emergencies

    Millions of Americans are uninsured or underinsured, and if your family is one of them, a medical emergency can quickly become a financial disaster. These programs help families cope with the unexpected impact of illness or injury. Learn more here.

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